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suggestion - limit script language on location

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  • suggestion - limit script language on location

    I guess this is not possible yet so.. here it goes

    imagine i like gigapanos and i added a 360x180 template to a 200mm lens
    most of the times a 360x180 pano is not needed at 200mm
    the suggestion would be to set 4 points -> the topleft topright bottomleft and bottormright of the "window" where i'd apply that template
    so i could have the 200deg horizontal by 20 above horizon and 50 down the horizon shot at 200mm fast and on location without making a new tempate or do it by hand

    hope it makes sense

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    This feature is in implementing status and will be added.
    1. Mecha it possible.
    2. Mecha it easy.
    3. Mecha team up.

    4. ..