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Setting a default start position

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  • Setting a default start position

    Is it possible to set a default start position? When I set up my kit out of the box, the horizonal arm is never at 0 degrees horizontal, and I'd like to know if I can set the DA Mechas to move to a default position when first turned on? Would mean not fiddling about with +/- a few degrees setting the horizontal arm to 0 degrees.....

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    After taking MECHA DAC out of box and mounting, before powering up, you can rotate both MECHA manually easy.
    the most recommended position is Parked, as is easy to feel with the fingers.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	DAC_Positions_Forum.png Views:	0 Size:	127.2 KB ID:	32922​​

    then you can power up MECHAs
    after booting up and MECHAs are idle.
    on MECHA-V if you press [>] then quickly [2] will rotate 90,
    thus arriving in Level position
    [<][2] to rotate back in Parked

    [>][1] , [>][2] and [>][3] intervals can be set in config, default are 45, 90 and 180

    can use the same way to rotate MECHA-H

    you can also adapt any script you use for parked,
    in MSS
    change SL, with SP,
    then you can start the script from parked
    1. Mecha it possible.
    2. Mecha it easy.
    3. Mecha team up.

    4. ..