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Mecha can't send signal to camera

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  • Mecha can't send signal to camera

    Hello guys,

    I figured out my Mecha DAC can't send signal to the camera when mecha-V is at some specific positions.

    When it's positioned between LEVEL to PARKED it doesn't send signals to the camera for firing the shutter.

    What's happening is: The camera fires 5 shots on the first 4 positions (perfect), then when it goes to 'Parked' the camera doesn't shoot and when it comes back to the Level position it fires again the 5 brackets as it should.

    I used the same preset last month and was fine. But now it's working anymore. =[

    I've also tried clicking ''shoot'' positioning the mecha-V from =20 to =90 and it still does not send any signal to the camera.

    Do you guys have some idea of what's happening? Please, I need some help. This evening is gonna be the last one with a clear sky for the next weeks.

    following the preset:

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    There is no reason for not sending the signals.

    Things to check though:

    1) is the cable ok? in the problematic area is the cable tensioned or twisted, if the cable is symmetric, please try plugging it other way around.
    2) change cable to connect to the other MECHA's CAM port
    3) check if the camera is on AF and fails to focus in that area.
    4) you can send a quick video on mecha(at) (LEDs lighting even from powering up, if seen in video, will help in troubleshotting)

    What camera you use?
    I'll be happy to help you on


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      Thanks for your help Dorin.

      yeah... you're right. It's the cable.
      Or the camera connector, which I hope it's not.

      I'm using a Sony a7Rii

      In any case, I've just bought a new cable that will get here on monday, then I'll let you know.