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Contest and Game Changer Feature for MECHAs or Fanotec product is coming

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  • Contest and Game Changer Feature for MECHAs or Fanotec product is coming

    In few days (1 week) the title will be changed in more specific.

    All using Fanotec product will be able to test it, users of precise rotators either manual or MECHA will have a great benefit.
    Even if it will not be a game change for all will be certainly something new, ready to use, I see no reasons for anyone to not use it or test it, though.
    In time, everyone will use it.

    I give this info because the contest is to guess what it is?

    The Contest ends in March, 28th

    You can post here your guess, please no jokes or malicious posts :o)
    Even if you cannot guess, please enter some info like

    1) you have Fisheye lens
    2) you use krpano
    3) you use PTGui
    4) you publish panorama on your web site

    The prize is for all, regardless of your guess is right or not, you'll see ..
    Is nice to have a winner and prize for all

    The contest starts now!

    The feature will be in FW published in March 29 for all controllers,
    Will be also the first firmware which works on manual Fanotec rotators,
    I don't want to make the contest too easy, just mention the fact, as it is correct ;)

    If you can share this to one panoramic friend, you'll actually give a gift, in March 29th


    LE. please tell how the name of the jpeg file looks like when out from your camera, directly
    e.g. one camera of mine outputs, say

    1. Mecha it possible.
    2. Mecha it easy.
    3. Mecha team up.

    4. ..

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    My guess: no clue at all (the bit that a firmware will also work for a manual rotator puzzles me)

    1) I have several Fishey lenses (Samyang 7.5mm converted to EF-M Mount, Canon EF8-15 f/4)
    2) I use krpano
    3) I use PTGui
    4) click on the small ghosts for a virtual tour!

    Filename of OOC JPG: 1E4A6144.JPG


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      Thanks for inputs.

      and the next shot after

      1E4A6144.JPG is 1E4A6145.JPG then 1E4A6146.JPG I suppose.
      1. Mecha it possible.
      2. Mecha it easy.
      3. Mecha team up.

      4. ..


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        Hi Dorin,

        yes, these are the consecutive numbers for each following shot..



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          The next stage to prepare to benefit from the upcoming feature is if you can mount camera in landscape orientation on panohead

          For that you can use
          NN-R1,R10,R20 or other type of lens ring on a precise rotator, like the automated MECHA C1+E1/E2
          or on one from various manual rotators

          If anyone can do that will be among first to test the feature in March 29th

          How to prepare for that?

          Mount camera with the widest fisheye in landscape orientation, camera to be as level as you can
          you can use as helper one spirit level like this (on hot shoe)
          Click image for larger version  Name:	spirit level.jpg Views:	0 Size:	5.4 KB ID:	33390
          So both the panohead and camera need to be leveled (that's only need for the template)

          then take 6 shots around - one at 60° from another.

          Now the knowledges of PTgui helps (not required actually, but helps)
          Stich those 6 images in the best panorama you can,
          is no need to be full 180° up-down, chances are your fisheye lens to not cover 180° in landscape anyway, but that's not a problem.
          pay attention to crop to have as much of the image from fisheye used,
          then send only ptgui file, no images, to
          you'll receive back the values you need to enter in MECHA Firmware from 29, before the FW is released.

          You'll be able to figure out those values by yourself, say, only to have these, as an example, to start with.
          The out from MECHA file(s) can then be used with images taken on manual Fanotec rotators as well.
          1. Mecha it possible.
          2. Mecha it easy.
          3. Mecha team up.

          4. ..


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            This will follow here

            1. Mecha it possible.
            2. Mecha it easy.
            3. Mecha team up.

            4. ..


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              Jerome Boccon-Gibod
              A metal resistant compass for our beloved Nodal Ninja pano heads ! Please !!!
              1) you have Fisheye lens : nikon 8-15 / Tokina 10-17 / Samyang 7.5 / Samyang 8
              2) you use krpano : What else !
              3) you use PTGui : What else
              4) you publish panorama on your web site:

              Brendon Gee
              The mecha app is ending beta.
              1) canon 8-15, 6.5 meike, 8mm meike
              2) no
              3) yes
              4) own website plus clients
              5) RRS cage on a 90 degree arcs Swiss on the NN6

              Massinissa Dalla Costa
              A new software or application for smartphones, to calculate the exact shot pattern and send it to Mecha but also usable on mechanic heads.
              1) Meike 6.5 and waiting for next week the new 7artisans 7.5, all for Fuji X
              2) no
              3) yes
              4) no just an amateur
              We listen. We try harder.


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                Bernd Kronmueller
                A stitching template generator based on lens and shooting pattern
                1) Samyang 8mm / Pentax 10-17
                2) yes
                3) yes
                5) Got some L-bracket to do it but really - I never do.

                Luca Vascon
                A brand new webapp to calculate and generate shooting patterns location gps, etc. and feed them to ptgui and krpano!
                1) I do actually own more than 60 fisheye lenses, including all the currently produced ones, oldest one dated 1962
                2)krpano and pano2vr
                4) mainly on customers websites but also in mine.
                5) I can do it but I only need it for my Leica disto.

                Peter Van den Wyngaert
                Similar answer as Luca
                : A webapp to calculate ideal shooting patterns / nodal points and feed the result to MECHA or a guide to set up manually.
                1) Canon 8-15
                2) KRpano / Pano2VR / PanotourPro
                3) PTGui 12 Pro
                4) Own website + directly at customers
                5) ?
                Looking forward to what you have in store for us
                We listen. We try harder.


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                  Thomas Sharpless
                  My guess is also a shooting pattern generator.
                  1) I have at the moment 9 f.e. lenses of 6 models
                  2) yes
                  3) yes
                  4) yes
                  5) I use a lens ring

                  Look Before You Book Tours
                  An app that generates an xml doc of the shooting pattern which ptgui can use to align images.
                  1) Canon 8-15
                  2) krpano / PTP
                  3) ptgui
                  5) ring and NN6

                  Carsten Thomas Rees
                  Why not combine the above answers: A shooting pattern generator that can export an xml doc for PTGui. Well it is so simple: Fanotec and PTGui keep your mind free for creativity! Uups: "Keep your mind free for creativity" is copyright CTR - or is there prior art?
                  We listen. We try harder.


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                    Hal Jurcik
                    A mecha rotator for the new iphone 12 lidar feature. 1.Nikon 8-15 fisheye. 2. pano2vr. 3. ptgui. 4 My own website

                    Keith Martin
                    Interesting what the questions are... but I'm stumped. A shooting pattern and linked stitching code generator?
                    1) Nikkor 10.5 (shaved), Nikkor 16
                    2) Yep!
                    3) Absolutely, Pro
                    4) Yes ( and on client sites

                    Pablo Méndex
                    Stitching templates + some sort of easy nodal point finder?
                    1. Samyang 7.5mm modded from MFT to Sony.
                    2. No KR Pano.
                    3. PTGUI yup!
                    We listen. We try harder.


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                      Fredrik Andreasson
                      I’m guessing, and hope it’s some kind of pattern generator for multi row or whatever lens you are using.
                      1) Yes
                      2) No
                      3) Yes
                      4) yes
                      5) lens ring or L-bracket

                      Joel Bolton
                      NPP quick positioning or shoot pattern generator are my guess... .
                      1) 4 FE lenses, plus one Nikon FC-E8 paperweight from iPix days
                      2) PTP & 3dVista
                      3) yep
                      4) yep

                      Alain Auzeral
                      I’d like a good pattern generator app
                      1) Three FE lens, Meike 6.5, Samyang 8mm, Nikon 10.5mm with Fuji X mount or adaptator for FX mount
                      2) No
                      3) Yes PTGUI pro12
                      4) No, only on 360 hosting platforms
                      5) Mount my camera in a landscape position on my NN6 I don't know how?
                      We listen. We try harder.


                      • #12
                        George Palov
                        I guess calculator for 3D panoramas shift (how much to shift camera) and a template for krpano and Pano2VR to generate perfect stereo panoramas?
                        1) Samyang 8mm fisheye
                        2) yes
                        3) yes
                        4) my own website ( ) and such of clients
                        5) I use Nodal Ninja M2 giga and sometimes for long lenses I use my camera in Landscape position , attached of the lens foot directly to the vertical arm.

                        Vlad Kuzmin
                        Native smartphone app?
                        1) don’t have. Prefer non fisheye lenses.
                        2) no
                        3) PtGUI Pro
                        4) publish on web or release as HDRI spherical panorama for using in 3DCG.
                        5) L-bracket probably

                        Frédéric Poirier
                        I guess... What you want...
                        -Canon 8-15mm
                        -my own and customers and everywhere it's needed
                        -NN6 or R1

                        Juan Carlos Izquierdo
                        I guess... something like this...
                        -Sigma 8mm F3.5 / Samyang 8mm F2.8 / Canon 15mm F2.8
                        -my own website ( ) and such of clients

                        Igor Socha
                        I guess some tool or app which will make the process of making 360 pano from A (setting up the NN+ canera combo) to Z (up to final pano, PtguiI/Krpano) much easier.
                        1/Samyang 12mm +8mm, Tokina 10-17mm, Sigma 8mm
                        2/3/4/ yes
                        We listen. We try harder.


                        • #13
                          Cahyono Ek
                          Stereo panorama template , dorin template
                          1) canon 8-15
                          2) no
                          3) yes
                          4) own website plus clients
                          5) lens ring

                          Hernán David Muñoz Ch
                          Shooting Pattern generator app
                          1) Yes
                          2) krpano, PTP, 3dvista
                          3) yes. V12

                          Mark Simons
                          Finally the long announced wizard and Mecha communicating with the camera?
                          (1)-(4): Yes, (5) Vertical with R1

                          Andrew Bodrov
                          Stereo panorama template
                          1. Canon 15mm
                          2. you use krpano : yes, sure!
                          3) you use PTGui : from the first beta
                          4) you publish panorama on your web site:

                          Franco Melechi
                          Very likely it is a webapp that can also be used by smartphones for shooting patterns
                          1) Samyang 7.5 mod, Sigma 8, Yashuara Madoka 7.3, Laowa 4(arriving)
                          2) Yes
                          3) Other
                          4) Social platform or customers website
                          We listen. We try harder.


                          • #14
                            Mauricio Rubio
                            Muito provavelmente um webapp
                            Sigma 8mm
                            Krpano e PTP
                            Nodal R1

                            Jorge Tellez
                            Smartphone app with shooting pattern generator

                            Daniel Rojas Roa
                            An app of Fanotech for merchandise and tutorials.
                            1) Sigma 8mm
                            2) Krpano, 3DVista, Kuula
                            3) PTGUI 12
                            4) own website

                            Ben Huss
                            An App.
                            1. Sigma 8mm, loawa 4mm, canon 11
                            2. 3DVista
                            3. Yes,
                            4. Yes

                            Greg Nowlin
                            Automatic leveling base 1. Samyang 12 and Loawa 4
                            2. no.
                            3. PTG 12pro
                            4. yes,
                            5. use both NN3mkii and now NN6
                            We listen. We try harder.


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                              Thank you all for participation, really appreciate it.

                              Now as the feature has been revealed, and looks like are many having the required stuff, both HW and SW you can try it as soon as you want.

                              ! Spoiler ! the most easy will be for a 8mm on FF,
                              as is need for the fixed tilting and the file(s) can be only one time set :)
                              let alone the fact that works on both Ring and L -type pano heads.
                              You can keep the files on card, shoot and see the panoramas on card directly :)
                              Don't forget though that they will be gone at format, but you can use the same approach as for some camera hack files, I guess, by marking them read-only, and use only delete images, ok.. maybe you'll not use on CF much, but anyways, is cool that you can :)

                              Please continue and try on this thread

                              BTW, was a small and curious bug on initial opening for STC which is now corrected in FW 2211, Small chances you'he encountered at first try with 2210 though, I was quite lucky to find it myself..
                              1. Mecha it possible.
                              2. Mecha it easy.
                              3. Mecha team up.

                              4. ..