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    No time but I had to tell this :)

    Long time ago at a photographers meeting were a bunch of us around an expensive lens
    I have panos :) yr 2011 (anaglyph)
    don't remember what the lens was (maybe anyone recognize it, my best bet is 800mm or longer), but is here (anaglyph)
    I said then
    "For this lens the important thing is the lens cap, especially the one at the rear end."

    Hands up how many of you have a 8mm fisheye lens sitting in drawer?

    Maybe is the time to put it in on ring on a rotator (manual or auto), then put as rear cap the other thing maybe sitting in drawer, the old DSLR and make panorama maker just for fun :)
    or give it to someone who has an eye for a good pano spot but don't have the the knowledge to process the panorama.
    With 8 mm on crop a fixed tilt at -7.5 (thus a single file set once for that setup) for all panos ever made could be enough for all interiors,
    used to show dozen of stitchless panoramas to client to see how will be best spot for the gigapixels one.

    LE. found my notes, the lens was definitely the Canon EF 800mm f/5.6L IS USM
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      Hmmm, looking at your example
      If I look in the road direction I get "jumping" cars - so if I take more images in shorter intervals and adapt the krpano code (to accept more images) I could create a "living" panorama like the panomoment ones?


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        Is no need to adapt krpano code, there are two variables which can be changed in .html
        to get more dense STC panorama

        var nr_of_imgs=6;
        var deg_apart=60;

        e.g. you can change it in
        12 and 30
        24 and 15
        so on..

        But most of the time is not need to to that,
        STC is provided as a way to have quickly panoramas without need of stitching, however it can be used in creative ways.

        Back in 2009 at PanoTools Meeting as demonstration of stitchless I transmitted panoramas live from the meeting,
        At that time it recquired DevalVR, but here is a portion of a video to see how it looks like back then,
        it looks like what you want, but again is not the main purpose, I guess many will use just to have quick panoramas.

        It is good to have both the pano head and technology to use and focus only on shooting opportunity and most important,
        do not miss any opportunity!

        BTW, anyone notice the unused panoramic head left in a corner ;)
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        2. Mecha it easy.
        3. Mecha team up.

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