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Next in Line for FW, The Smart Features. MECHA SF

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  • Next in Line for FW, The Smart Features. MECHA SF

    This is next in line for MECHA controllers, that means very soon, April, and only bug fixing have higher priority than this,
    however on video channel the simple things made with MECHA will have videos in parallel with preparing of the Smart Features,
    with more dense publishing pace, why only the simple things? because might not need for the complicated one anymore :)

    The Smart Features for MECHA will translate as set-up once and ignore, the set-up part can be from templates which will be available so will require no knowledge about MECHA, however the knowledge of your camera will help, the best you'll know your camera the better. i.e. you might need to choose the template according with your camera capabilities, and to use camera for actual panorama taking, that, however, include automatic modes for your camera, in this respect, better means better results than camera on auto.

    I'll need some beta testers for this, please sen an e-mail to mecha(at) if you want to participate.
    The beta testers wanted are photographers who take lots of panoramas, for hobby, and business, but with a grain of salt, if you'll use the beta testing in production, and only after you test it first, it is also required for you to own a MECHA C1 or C2 or DAC, please specify what is the case in the intention e-mail, the controllers you have will receive partial updates before final release, but you'll update only if/when you want. SF will be extra, the old features will work unaffected.
    Some SF will mean plug and shoot, no UI, no nothing except rotating camera with MECHA buttons.
    That will include partial panoramas, like mosaics, so on..

    If you played with STC lately you know that with the latest FW update you can have a panoramic machine which even doesn't require stitching and you can shoot 1000 panoramas in a day.

    Please share this to anyone might be interested and qualified for this.


    1. Mecha it possible.
    2. Mecha it easy.
    3. Mecha team up.

    4. ..