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MECHA Creative Casino - Thought Set-Ups.

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  • MECHA Creative Casino - Thought Set-Ups.

    These are jut though set-ups and experiment, do not attempt any suggestions here until you fully understand how they works and why you may (if you) need them.

    I invite the MECHA user to think of creative use of MECHA, is not need to have it tested or in place, just more like a thought experiment or set-up

    Game 1 - FSC

    With the latest FW there is Fast Shutter Confirmation (FSC for short)
    the normal use of FSC will be
    MECHA --(trigger cable)--> Camera
    CAMERA --(PC Sync Cable)--> MECHA
    MECHA sends trigger signal to Camera and waits for one or more confirmations to continue.

    For the creative use game, here are the cards you can see now, from the house.

    [ 1 MECHA can signal to other device (camera or other kind) ]

    [ 2 MECHA can receive signal from other device (camera or other kind) ]

    [ 3 MECHA can turn anything connected to it, provided has matching screws ]

    You can preset your cards now :)

    Just like on Casino, I'll try to make the "House Win" by throwing in an even more creative thought set-up after a week, then is your turn again.

    Have Creative Fun ! :)

    1. Mecha it possible.
    2. Mecha it easy.
    3. Mecha team up.

    4. ..

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    my thought setup would be a 3D model photography tool.
    An object is placed on a turn table. The camera is mounted to a crane in the shape of a quarter circle. The camera can be moved along the cranes shape via Mecha and a belt drive.
    The object on the turntable can now be photgraphed from different angles (e.g. horizontal view, 45 degree view and topview) and also form different sides by rotating the objet along its z-axis via turntable.
    The single shots can than be used by a software to calculate a 3D model of the object.

    please find attached a quick and dirty sketch.
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      Thank you for playing on MECHA Casino,

      Just as an encouragement and for fun, to see how it will be in this Casino, say, 1 month from now, I'll play quickly my cards :)

      My cards are for 3D video/model of small objects
      and I'll use DAC and here the cards are :)

      1) Fanotec has a long rail, 75 cm, let's call it V-Rail
      2) The object is at the same position as a P1 or E2 rotator (in vertical position) controlled by MECHA-V-DAC
      3) on rotator is the V-Rail and is mounted to have , say,
      a) 60 cm in front of object
      b) 15 cm behind of object

      4) on (a) is (video) camera mounted, on a bracket, and looking at object on a parallel axis with the rail,
      camera has also a ring light to have nice even light around the lens toward the object

      5) on (b) we have a backdrop and weight to balance the camera (like cranes do), if camera is heavier than P1 or E2 alone can handle at 60 cm extent.

      6) the object is on small tripod, on a small turntable controlled by MECHA-H-DAC

      7) When the light is on and camera is filming or taking photograph, the object will have no shadows on itself (ring light) nor on backdrop as the backdrop is always perpendicular on shooting axis and the shadow on backdrop is always hidden by object and is smaller than the object,
      again due to the ring light. also the backdrop will receive the same even amount of light (being always perpendicular to light)
      This is always true regardless of the angle of V Rail or angle of rotation of the turntable, as the backdrop moves along with camera.

      Cannot make pretty pictures now, but when I'll have all the CAD files I'll do along with a video of a model.
      Something like this:

      The Backdrop is just glued on rail, I'll make a backdrop holder and publish a better video.
      Apologize to a P1 as I used it as weight..

      Let's see what other players might have on their cards :)
      1. Mecha it possible.
      2. Mecha it easy.
      3. Mecha team up.

      4. ..