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What is the C2 USB Port used for?

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    Thank you


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      I don't quite understand, what should I do if I want the whole device to last longer.(SKU: F9923)

      DC Power Splitter Cable for MECHA?
      Nodal Ninja Mecha Dual Battery Holder Bottom to Bottom?

      Can the F970 battery be connected to c2 via DC Power Splitter Cable for MECHA (F9917)?

      I now plan to buy a 65w power bank and a type-c to 4mm dc cable,plug into the DC IN interface(9-19v 2A).

      e.g. nk+65w&qid=1623079898&refresh=1&sr=8-3 992&sr=8-1
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        The default battery holder has room for
        2 x NP-F550
        which seems to go up to 3200 mAh

        if you want to use the much higher (3..4x) provided by NP-F970 you'll need to have bottom to bottom battery holder,
        as F970 won't fit in the default battery holder (unless if there will be in the future default variant for F970)
        the Power splitter cable is only need if you want to have 2 x (2 x NP-Fxxx) i.e to use 4 batteries which allow you to change them on the fly, beside the double amount of capacity.

        If you go on power bank way, be sure is the kind which has output 12 V (..19 V)
        not by negotiations in fast charge protocol,
        but to have dedicated 12V output (maybe selected via a selector)
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          Originally posted by DorinDXN View Post
          If I'll find it, I'll take an image for sure.

          Anyways is a "Y" cable, precisely:

          "Nodal Ninja Mecha DC Power Splitter Cable 1x male to 2x female"

          to allow two battery holders to be connected in parallel.
          Here is the image

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Splitter.jpg Views:	2 Size:	306.1 KB ID:	33999
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