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  • Zenit and Nadir


    24mm lens 180x360 Degress := 12x0, 12x-45,12x+45, then NN and ZZ (why NN and why ZZ)

    Why Nadir and Zenith pictures are made twice by the Mecha? On of this picture is landscape, one is portrait. PTGUi has problems to stitch.

    Thanks for your answer


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    Is need to master PTGui and Camera to disable image rotation/orientation in camera and in PTGui,

    About numbers of Nadir and Zenith, beside editing the script, you can set the preferred MSS pattern in /config from default
    , say,
    for single Zenith or Nadir

    or even

    D = Down rows
    M = Middle Row
    U = Upper Rows
    Z = Zenith
    N = Nadir
    so you can specify the order from up do down or down to up. so on..

    NN means 2 nadirs at 90° apart, in cross
    whilst Nx2 are for two nadirs at 180°
    the same for ZZ and Zx2

    another case could be using the PN (Paused Nadir)
    when MECHA will rise for an extra Nadir and pauses,
    e.g. in order to rotate the nadir adapter, move the tripod to take the patching extra photo
    then press [>] to take the shoot and go back to initial position, or continue, depending where this is in the script.
    Before MECHA we used to have Nadir at beginning
    e.g, snow, grass or even extra clean floor used to benefit from that, i.e. to have the Nadir taken before the steps for 36+photos imprinted on it
    but now, as it rotates by itself, is not so much needed but still you can edit the script in, say
    N,0x12, -45x12,45x12
    (btw, is 0x12, not 12x0)
    if you want Nadir 1st.

    some info here
    aslo you can set this per pano if you create preset on OLED or edit it there

    Assuming recent FW
    ATM, 12274
    1. Mecha it possible.
    2. Mecha it easy.
    3. Mecha team up.

    4. ..


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      Thanks for your answer. PTGui is telling:'Not possible to stitch, because of different picture formats'. I have to delete one of the N/Z pictures first?

      Best regards


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        Is about PTGui and Camera (disable orientation) also possibly from RAW converter if you use.

        You can use a pattern with only on N/Z as I described above.

        in PTGui you can disable
        [ ] Position images..

        Click image for larger version

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        1. Mecha it possible.
        2. Mecha it easy.
        3. Mecha team up.

        4. ..