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Connect iPad to Camera AP and Mecha at once?

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  • Connect iPad to Camera AP and Mecha at once?

    Would it somehow be possible to connect the iPad to both my Canon Camera and the Mecha?

    Background as to what I want to achieve:

    Lets assume the Mecha and the cam is positioned on a pole on a hight where I can't reach the cam. Mecha already in position leveled.
    Before starting the Pano script, I want to be able to measure the exposure in each direction to find out the best middle exposure. Therefore I want to be able to control the camera via its own Camera Connection App and simultanously want to be able to turn the Mecha around via Mecha's UI.

    I guess the iPad should then be the one supporting an AP+STA mode, but afaik this is not the case.

    br Frank

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    It is possible in these 2 scenarios:
    1. Camera serves as a full function AP. It can serve both MECHA and Ipad in STA mode.
    2. Ipad serves as a full function AP and camera can connect to ipad in STA mode.
    Typically, the camera can only work in AP mode and can't serve other devices.


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      Hi Nick thank you for your reply.

      Unfotunately both scenarios do not work.
      1. The camer seems not to serve as full function AP. When I connect ipad and cam and start Canon Camera Connect App, I'm not longer able to find the UI of Mecha in browser when using the IP adress Mecha shows me. If I first connect the MEcha UI then I'm not able to connect with the camera App.
      2. I can't find a possiblity to hook the cam to a Wi-Fi distributed from the iPad (HotSpot)

      It is not the fault of Mecha, just iPad and/or Cam do not support what I wanted to achieve.

      br Frank