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Trouble running presets from C2 panel and IR remote

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  • Trouble running presets from C2 panel and IR remote

    On Mecha C2, MAC: 84-F3-EB-6A-A8-55, Firmware: C2E_02347, C2M_02019, I am trying to add a pause for nadir shot to an S language script, but it does not pause. Here is what I have so far:
    This executes as if the P were not there -- no pause, just an additional shot at -45 deg. If I leave out the = after the P, the -45 deg position is also skipped..
    Sorry for the misleading title -- as usual I was finding it hard to grasp that so many button presses are needed to start an already loaded script.
    Regards, Tom
    Update: I put the P after the = and got a pause -- the first time I ran the script.. Ran it again the other direction, no pause. Launched it again in original direction, unit rebooted. This does not seem reliable enough for use on an upcoming job. What do you suggest?
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    After reboot and making sure the saved script was the same one displayed on the UI, it has now run correctly twice in each direction from the remote buttons. So maybe things have settled down. It also runs right from the GUI in server mode. First tests were done with both WiFi connections active, could that have been a factor? In the field I prefer to avoid WiFi and just use the remote.


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      Indeed "P" needs to be after "="
      =P-45_0 is correct

      WiFi should not be a factor, please let me know if the trouble happens again, I'll try to reproduce.
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