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re-visiting old presets

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  • re-visiting old presets

    Many moons ago, when the E1-C1 first came out, Dorin created for me a couple of specific presets - and I can't work out how to "re-find" them! Unless the Firmware has moved on to such an extent over the past few years they'll need re-writing anyway?

    I'd like 2 x creating please. both for single row E1-C1 - they're both simple 4-round & 3-round, but with a reference shot at the start (for a White Balance / Grey card). How do I go about creating this myself?


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    I responded also on FB

    You need to update the FW to the latest (1)2399 as I fixed some issue related to pause if a position is repeated

    In MECHA's p y format (pitch and yaw) scripting
    you can script 4 shots around, with first position rpeated, as

    SL p0 y0 p0 y0 90 180 270 RT

    which means Start Level,
    then position at pitch 0 and yaw 0
    then again pitch 0 and yaw 0
    then 90 then 180 then 270
    then ReTurn

    if you want to have a pause between 1st and 2nd positions, which are both at picth 0 and yaw 0
    you need to add, say, 10: for 10 seconds, thus the script will be

    SL p0 y0 10:p0 y0 90 180 270 RT

    in those 10 seconds you can remove the Grey Card, you can increase it at 15 of c.‚Äč
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