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  • For Sale: MECHA setup

    I’ve been tinkering for the past couple of weeks with my MECHA set up (when time has allowed!) and I’ve come to the conclusion that for my commercial workflow I no longer have a need for a dual-axis MECHA setup so I’m selling my setup.

    I started out with a single E1 / C1 setup when it launched – and then quickly added a second set, along with a NN3 Mk3, to convert to a DAC setup.

    Then I bought an E2 rotator to beef up the rotation when using the DAC for horizontal (through car windows) setup.

    Then I added a C2 controller when that was launched – along with the battery holder / batteries etc – in effect creating Fanotec / Nodal Ninja F9921:

    However, my setup is slightly different in that I didn’t buy the upper horizontal rail for the complete NN3 setup (F3337) – instead, I used an RS-2 rotator with a QRC40B clamp so I can use lens ring mounts.

    So, all the kit bundles together to make a very versatile, modular collection of MECHA parts to make various setups to suit (single row, dual row, etc). All barely used – mainly for testing and only used commercially on 2 x car shoots indoors (as can be testified by Joby Catto!!).

    I’ve costed everything from the Fanotec website and this collection would set you back $1,000USD / £800GBP / 912 Euro. I’m asking £600GBP / $750USD / 680 Euro for the lot (excluding shipping). If not of interest as a whole, I will split it up and list individually on eBay…….

    Here’s the list of parts:
    F9900 – E1 rotator (2 of)
    F9910 – C1 controller (2 of)
    F9901 – E2 rotator
    F9911 – C2 controller
    F3305 – NN3 Mk3
    F9938 – NP-F550 7.4v 2200mAh batteries (2 of)
    F9939 – dual channel battery charger
    F3329 – NN3 Mk3 vertical rail / horizontal rail range extender
    F9943 – dual battery holder
    Clam shell cases (2 of)
    Lots of spare bits ‘n bobs and Allen keys (as you’d expect!)
    Attached Files