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Pause a preset + wait before each shot

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  • Pause a preset + wait before each shot


    I received my Mecha C2 Head, read the documentation twice, but I still have 2 questions (for the moment) :
    • When launching a preset, I sometimes need to pause the movement (for instance to put a black mask to avoid a reflection on a window) and I don’t know how I can do this (and of course relaunch after).
    • When creating a preset with an url like this one : is there a way to add a “wait” before taking the photos (as p=3 that is for a wait after)​
    Best regards !

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    Hi, congrats for your new MECHA C2,

    you ca press [>] to pause execution of a preset then [>] to resume, please see how you can even change the current position like in this video,
    (you will need to enable beta features, as shown in video)
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    please update to the latest FW version to be sure the faeture are there.
    In this video, we are going to show you how to update the firmware of MECHA C2. First, power MECHA on by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds,...

    for creating with an url, you can use
    or eposure delay.

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      Thanks a lot for this very complete answer !
      Have a nice day :-)


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        Sorry, its me again. You wrote : "&e=3 or eposure delay." If I undersand, this is the time the shutter is pressed. What I am looking for is to add a pause BEFORE triggering the shutter, for instance to wait the camera to stabilize before a long shot. Go to position - Pause 2s - Shoot - Pause 3s - Go to position...
        Is there a way to do this with an URL parameter?
        Best regards