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  • No Paralax Point NN4

    I am looking for a video or the numbers required settings to setup my Nodal Ninja NN4. I believe that there is a database with tis info somewhere and I am unable to find it.

    Camera: Nikon D850
    Lens: Nikon (Nikkor) 16-35 1:4G ED

    Thanks for the assistance
    Gavin Slabbert

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    Hello Gavin,
    The settings for your equipment is relatively straight forward.
    The NPP (No Parallax Point, Nodal Point) is a function of the lens irrespective of the body and can be found using "A simple method …" as shown on
    To set the upper rail, set your kit up then chose two 'sighting points', one near the camera and one some distance away that are lined up in the centre of the lems then turn to left and right moving the kit backwards and forwards until the two points also line up at the left and right positions.
    To set the bottom rail tip your D850 so that it is pointing directly down (to the nadir) them using the 'live view' zoom in (viewfinder zoom, not the lens) and move the kit until the the centre of the Nodal Ninja logo is in the centre of the viewfinder.
    Note that the NPP will probably change depending on the focal length you set the lens to so you will need to find it for the focal length(s) you wish to use.
    See also