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    We want to see you with your Nodal Ninja

    right-click open in new tab for full-size image

    Featured Selfie - Dominik Baumann

    Featured Selfie - Mario Carvajal
    144 and counting....

    Hannes Braatz - Nodal Ninja Pole river crossing in Iceland. Just needed a little extra OOMPH!

    Send us your selfie using our product and if we post it here. If you like you may include name, title, short sentence description, website (visible as alt-tag with mouse rollover).

    * Terms: Your submission acknowledges your permission for Nodal Ninja to reuse your image for marketing purposes. Image must show one of our products, or branded merchandise (hat, ninja stress ball. etc). If you are the copyright holder (person who took the image) you may request removal from this page at any time unless it has been used as part of a collage or set of images, as in a banner. or already used in printed marketing material. It is always advised to place copyright stamp on your images. You may submit up to 3 images. We reserve right to edit and display images submitted and or delete as we see fit. Terms subject to change.

    Submit your selfie to [email protected] (max size 2MB or 2000px) we can reduce if needed.

    Thank you for being part of the Nodal Ninja family.

    Nodal Ninja

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    I'm using Sony A6400, I'll submit a list of work soon which is done by me!!