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I've got a project I want to use the nodal ninja on.

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  • I've got a project I want to use the nodal ninja on.

    Am I doing this wrong? I had to change the orientation on the arca swiss plate on the camera to go left to right instead of front to back like I normally have it. I have a 70-200 I want to try, but it has a fixed arca plate for its foot and I can't change its orientation. I've got people who want a wall sized print, literally 24 foot long and 8 foot tall. They say they want 300 ppi, and I may try to give it to them, even though with normal viewing distances (assuming most people will step back to see the whole image, or a majority of it) less than 300 ppi should be fine. But it looks like to approach that resolution using a Nikon D850 and given the subject, a patch of phragmites, an invasive species that grows near lakes and wetlands, I think I'll need a telephoto to get all those pixels in there by taking more small pictures. Please feel free to disabuse me of my preconceived ideas. So far I've made two panoramas using one of the only long primes at my disposal, a 60mm nikon macro lens. I've got an old 105 around here somewhere but I'll be danged if I can find it today. There's an even older 300mm at work, but it's small and I can't believe it's of very good quality. I have a 300mm f2.8 I could use, too, but I don't believe the nodal ninja I have is made for that big of a lens. It's like seven pounds.

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    M1 upper rotator can support 200mm focal length only.
    To find the focal length required for your ppi requirement, you may find the attached spreadsheet calculator useful.
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