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Increasing online Virtual Tour Detail

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  • Increasing online Virtual Tour Detail

    Will using a wide angle lens in lieu of a fisheye produce an online virtual tour with more detail? Will the end result be that users can get closer to objects in a very large room?

    I am undertaking a virtual tour of a small museum with several very large rooms. To get better resolution of the panorama I am thinking of using a 15mm lens instead of an 8mm fisheye.The tricky part will be shooting the nadir shots to eliminate the tripod. I have not done this before.
    My equipment and software: Ultimate M2 Nodal Ninja, Nikon D500, PTGui, 3DVISTA Pro Tour.
    Thanks for your help

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    If you enjoy making panoramas and need to require it to subsequent level, or if you're just getting started but immediately need a great quality panorama and a hassle-free processing, a wide-angle lens is that the best investment you'll make.

    When shooting your panorama, rather than taking dozens of images which may become a true headache to stitch together, a wide-angle lens enables you to shoot a full spherical panorama with only 6 or 10 images, counting on ifs focal and therefore the size of your camera sensor.

    That’s the trail I personally took. I bought a mid-range Canon DSLR, with its kit lens. I sometimes needed almost 100 images to hide the entire sphere of the panorama. As I got more and more serious about making panoramas, and as I got a touch uninterested in the effort of sewing numerous images, I finally decided to shop for a wide-angle lens .

    I never regretted my decision!

    If you've got a full frame camera, an 8mm wide-angle lens will offer you the characteristic circular image (180° field of view) with some black space on the corners. If you've got a crop camera (APS-C sensor), the image will cover the entire sensor and you'll get an awesome ultra-wide angle picture! Both are fine to form panoramas because the panorama software skills to handle these sorts of images.


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      I usually shoot with a 24mm focal length, yes it takes longer time, and have to be careful when shooting with people movement around, but I am quit happy with my results.
      I am using the Mecha with MK3 so I dont have to take care of movements etc, used t use 16mm fisheye with R1, but as I moved from Nikon D850 to Z7 I use the 24-50 kit lens that came with it.
      I am experimenting with Focus shift and that would be a big headache with the number of shots, but as it is too hot in Riyadh, I prefer to shoot only on assignments, and clients are happy with HFD results.
      Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
      Riyadh in Panoramas


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        Thank you aydon-toma and hdraye. I appreciate your suggestions.