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What R Series Pano Head to choose for Samyang 7.5mm (converted to Sony E Mount) + Sony A6500 (1.5x Crop)

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  • What R Series Pano Head to choose for Samyang 7.5mm (converted to Sony E Mount) + Sony A6500 (1.5x Crop)

    I purchased the "Nodal Ninja Conversion Tool Kit for Changing Samyang 7.5mm Lens to Sony E-Mount" and I want to purchase an R series pano head, but I don't know exactly wich one will work best witm my gear (converted samyang 7.5mm + sony a6500 1.5x crop).
    I'm really confused with all the names of the pano heads and the static/3 positions/adjustable tilt. I don't want the black/missing area from nadir to be bigger than the pano head in the final panorama. I can't find an example with how big the missing/black area from nadir would be if I choose for example the 7.5° tilt. What R head with what tilt should I choose?

    I also saw settings only for R1 and R10 for Samyang 7.5 converted to sony E. Are there also settings for the R20 ?

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    For Size of A6500 you can either use R1 or R20. R1 is more flexible and allow you to use different tilt angle to get more or less overlap at the zenith. It does not affect the nadir hole much for lens with 180 degrees vertical coverage. It affects the image sharpness due to softness near 180 degrees. It is easier to take separate zenith and nadir shots on the head as well. R20 is much lighter. It has 2.5 deg and 7.5 deg settings by reversing the vertical rail. So you can still use 2.5 deg if you find nadir image is too soft for 7.5 deg tilt. You need to remove the lens ring from the head to take handheld nadir or zenith when you need the extra quality for a particular situation. You can also tilt the tripod to take the nadir shot though.
    I can also work out the NPP setting for R20 in case you need it.

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      Hi Nick!
      I'm switching to the same setup, Samyang 7.5 for MFT on Sony APS-C.
      What tilt would you recommend? I was thinking of getting an R10 with 7.5deg tilt with a R1 nadir adapter (I need a solution for shooting nadirs from the tripod).
      What benefits would I have from the R1 adjustable tilt, if any compared to getting another vertical rail for R10?
      Why is the R1 nadir adapter not recommended for R10?