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which pano head for my Canon mark 3 and 15mm fisheye?

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  • which pano head for my Canon mark 3 and 15mm fisheye?

    Hey Everyone!
    I am new here and dont see any website with info to help me choose. I see that we won't be able to order of the site now but hope to still find it through other dealers. I have read a lot on the forum but would love to understand specifically for me what I need. I am a professional that uses a canon mark 3 and have a 15mm fisheye lens. I read about the R and the M series, and still was not quite sure. I have a sturdy tripod as well but would be nice if it worked on a monopod, but with the weight of the camera and head, I am not sure if that is able to do that. I dont need a motorized head but do want to tilt it up to shoot as well as down. I am looking to understand which one to buy. I shoot real estate and hotels. Again just going off different info on the internet without clarity of a website. Any help would be great! Thanks for helping the newbie!
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    The R Series is best for single row panoramas and has limited tilt so I would suggest an NN3 MK3 or Nodal Ninja RS-1-NOR, either with an RD10 Rotor which has a load capacity of 3.5Kg rather than the Rotor Mini which has a load capacity of 1.5Kg (Your kit is around 1.9Kg which would be too heavy for the Mini Rotor).

    The difference between the NN3 MK3 and Nodal Ninja RS-1-NOR is that the camera is attached by the 1/4" Whitworth thread in the camera body base for the NN3 MK3 whereas for the Nodal Ninja RS-1-NOR the camera and lens are attached using a 'lens ring' round the lens barrel.
    This means that the NN3 MK3 gives you flexibility to use different lenses whilst the Nodal Ninja RS-1-NOR requires a 'lens ring' for each lens you use.

    The M Series does the same job as the NN3 MK3 or Nodal Ninja RS-1-NOR, but will enable you to use longer lenses if you wish to shoot gigapans in the future, but if you are shooting real estate then NN3 MK3 or Nodal Ninja RS-1-NOR will meet your needs with your current equipment, but check with your supplier to ensure that either of these has the required clearances for your Canon body.

    I use an NN3, but with a Nikon body and you can see some examples on:

    Hope this helps.
    If you have any more questions I will do my best to answer them.