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Nadir adapter seized up: how to loosen?

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  • Nadir adapter seized up: how to loosen?

    I've got an R series nadir adapter. I didn't do anything unusual with it, but somehow the blue knob got stuck (see photos; wear on blue knob is from trying to loosen). I have a 3/8 1/4 20 adapter on the other side. I've tried using pliers and vicegrip on the knob side, and big screwdriver on the other side, but can't get it to budge. Would WD-40 help? I have some, but afraid it will just make things more slippery and harder to navigate.

    Any ideas on other tools or methods to loosen this? Also open to buying a new one, but I just checked and ordering from would incur $40 shipping (I'm in California), and the Freedom360 site is out of stock. If anyone knows any other sources for a new R series nadir adapter, I'd appreciate hearing about them.
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    Looks like the thread has crossed. It is a rare case. I can ship by post from Hong Kong for $7.50. It takes 2-4 weeks though.
    Contact me via email nick|at|
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